About us

Why did we choose the ‘White Antelope’ name and logo for our business?

An antelope changes its colour according to each season which is how we help our clients adapt their approach when reaching out to different cultures, ethnicities, genders, religions and disabilities etc.

At ‘White Antelope’ we not only deal with Cross Cultural Marketing we embrace it and better still we help YOU embrace it.

Many businesses lose out simply because they do not understand the philosophy (methodology) of how to attract these untapped multicultural and resourceful groups.

White Antelope is a Canadian company providing customized marketing solutions to reach unexplored territories and market opportunities. We service corporations, businesses, institutions, agencies, academic colleges and brands. Our aim is to help clients adapt to the new and growing multi-cultural world and minority groups, identifying best practices of contact, thereby increasing revenues through diverse marketing strategies. We leave you with a clear understanding of the development and how to’s of selling to these evolving markets.

If your customers cannot identify with your products and services they will feel neglected, and in the end you will either not capture their interest as clients or you will lose them as existing customers. Diverse audiences are very committed once you have touched their soul leaving you with a generation of audiences.


At White Antelope our goal is to help you develop a strong and economical plan of action, offering you confidence through customer education, customer engagement, customer response and a timely implementation of your diverse marketing plan.
We are an innovative communications ‘think tank’ with a physical or on-line platform, our focus is DIVERSITY & INCLUSION.